Fantasy Spitfires

Thanks to all who have entered Fantasy Spitfires this season, best of luck to you all.

The top 3 will win cash prizes ranging from £100 to a top prize of £250.

Fantasy Spitfire rules :

First of all, pick your team, 8 players in total from the team squad. This is your team for the season – However in January you will be able to swap or transfer in up to 3 new players. Your score for the player(s) you have changed will be frozen and your new player(s) will be added to your team starting with a zero score. Notification of your movements must be in writing and emailed to the chairman of TSSC, changes will then be made immediately. No further movements will be allowed after January 31st.

These players will scores points each week (league games only) based on the following points system:

            Starting X1 appearance (2 pts)                                                    

            Substitute appearance (1 pt)

            Goal scored (5 pts)

            Goal assists (3 pts)  

            Red Card (-3 pts)

            Yellow Card (-1 pt)

            Own Goal (-3 pts)

            Goalkeeper - clean sheet (5 pts)

            Defenders - clean sheet (3 pts)

            Goalkeeper - Each goal conceded (-1pt)

Bonus points - If your player is picked for The National League (newspaper) team of the week (5pts)

In the National League if your player has a rating of 7 or over      (2 pts)          

All players' information will be as listed by BBC Sport. A running points total will be kept for each player, and at the end of the season, prize money will be distributed to the top 3 players!


Graham Stack
Ross Flitney
Josh Hare
Michael Green
Reda Johnson
Ryan Cresswell
Andrew Boyce
Alex Wynter
Callum Baughan
Oscar Gobern
Sam Wood
Mark Yeates
Cav Miley
Danny Hollands
Joey Jones
Lewis Harvey
George Dowling
James Constable
Paul McCallum
Chris Zebroski
Ben Williamson
Tom Bearwish
Ollie Dennett

Thanks to all who have played Fantasy Spitfires last season, the prize winners were:

1) Michael Mullins £250, 2) Tracy Israel-Hudson £150, 3) Aaron Parker £100