Info on Transfer-January

The Fantasy Spitfires January transfer window is now open.

Confirmation of how the Transfer Windows works

The points are now frozen as from December 31st 2017.

January 2018 is the month you can exchange up to 3 players, or in the case of any new players joining the team these can also be included.

Let's take 1 player for example:

Ryan Cresswell is in your team - his points up to the end of December are 5.

You decide to exchange him for, let's say Mark Yeates.

Mark's points up to the end of December are 126, these are also frozen.

Any points from January onwards for your new player (Mark Yeates) will be added up to the end of January and added to your score.

Let's say Mark Yeates scores 25 points in the month of January.

You will therefore have 5 points for Ryan Cresswell and 25 points for Mark Yeates for January.

It could be that by the end of the season Yeates scores 100 points for instance, so this would be 100 points plus the 5 for the player you have exchanged (this is an example only)

Don't forget you can exchange or include up to 3 players or any new signings Eastleigh FC sign in January.

I would expect the leader board to look a little bit different to what it is now. Make the most of it, you could be a winner.

Anyone not sure of their team please let me know.

Good Luck