Fantasy Spitfires

Entry to Fantasy Spitfires has now closed, thanks to all those who have entered and best of luck to you all. Latest standings will appear here from time to time.

Please remember TSSC membership is still open, you can join here.

The competition the 2017-2018 season will have a cash prize for a top 3 placing as follows:

1st prize £250

2nd prize £150

3rd prize £100

Fantasy Spitfire rules :

First of all, pick your team, 8 players in total from the team squad. This is your team – from January 1st untill January 31st you will be able to transfer up to 3 of these players out and bring up to 3 new players into your squad. Your new signings will not accure you any points they had scored before you signed them. Notification of any player movement must be in writing or emailed to the chairman of TSSC, changes will then be made immediately. No further movements will be allowed after January 31st.

These players will scores points each week (league games only) based on the following points system:

            Starting X1 appearance (2 pts)                                                    

            Substitute appearance (1 pt)

            Goal scored (5 pts)

            Goal assists (3 pts)  

            Red Card (-3 pts)

            Yellow Card (-1 pt)

            Own Goal (-3 pts)

            Goalkeeper - clean sheet (5 pts)

            Defenders - clean sheet (3 pts)

            Goalkeeper - Each goal conceded (-1pt)

            Bonus points - If your player is picked for The National League (newspaper) team of the week (5pts)

            In the National League (newspaper) if your player has a rating of 7 or over (2 pts)          

All players' information will be as listed by BBC Sport. A running points total will be kept for each player, and at the end of the season, prize money will be distributed to the top 3 players!